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No sooner had I decided that starting today I was going to buckle down and start looking hard core for a job than I got a call from the temp agency I'd signed up with previously asking me about my previous experience as a legal assistant because they have an upcoming job (starting today) at a law office and may they send my resume over to the client to see if they'd want me. I say yes (!!!) and she tells me she'd get back to me.

That was thursday. Candice was working the night shift and Eden had to go to his mom's house to do something but he was supposed to be home shortly in time for dinner and Luke was coming over that night too. So I wait and I wait and I wait but no one shows up so finally I just made hamburgers for myself (which by the way I suck at cooking, they were both kinda pink in the middle and I had to put them back in the pan) and settled in to watch are you smarter than a fifth grader, Hamish and Andy were on and they are hilarously awesome.

I hear someone knock on the door I thought maybe it was Luke but it's a girl, Candice??.. with a baby? Turns out it was Ang stopping by with her niece to say hello and apologize for not coming over last night like she'd said. She brought over some painting stuff in case I felt like being artsy and told me about this upcoming job. One night serving drinks to VIPs at some boxing thing, awesome if this law office job doesn't work out at least I have this opportunity (I told Eden later when he got home and he's convinced it'll be all gangsters and mob bosses and apparantly people were shot down at some boxing thing a couple years back). She doesn't stay long as she has to meet someone to get some medicine for her niece who's teething.

That night I also get an email from my dad, someone from church has relatives in Melbs who are in business, they're apparantly hospitable and he'd get me their number to call and they might have some job opportunities for me as well. Opportunities are everywhere. ** It's alright though - the temp agency calls friday - I got the law office job! **

Eden comes home later, kinda drunk, he hangs around long enough for Luke to come over with more booze and coke and passes out shortly after the coke ran out. Luke convinced me to play some card game with him called "Thirteen" and we sat around and played cards and chatted till Candice got home and joined us. We learned something kinda funny about him that night which I probably shouldn't repeat in a public forum. Finally sometime after 2am we decided it was time to hit the sack but not after Candice and I saw this infomercial for a Malibu pilates system which looked really cool.

Friday we headed to Eden's dad's house in Williamstown which is right on the waterfront it's big and very nice with lots of balconies and Foxtel (for anyone not aware it's Cable in Australia). We had a BBQ and some drinks and I watched crap on Foxtel and Candice tried to make Eden open his presents early.

Saturday was Eden's Birthday and we headed down to the pub pretty early for some beer and have a few pints and a shot before being picked up by some of the boys and heading back to the house for some poker (the Boys) and drinks. Candice and I did some drunk facebooking and checked out some Youtube video of a beached whale, hilarious - before getting ourselves caught up in a bit of drama.

Luke recently broke up with this chick who's just a total bitch and she just keeps on texting him, putting him down, putting his family down and all this crap - anyways me and candice came across a message from her on his phone just saying nasty things, I told her about how I helped scare that Monica chick off Rich by answering one of her calls a while back and Candice gets this idea that we should text her from my phone telling her to back off and leave Luke alone. But then even though we thought we blocked my caller ID from showing up I start getting all these calls with mean voice messages and nasty texts from her calling me a bitch and a whore. It went all night long and even the next morning. Oops, I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with that one.

Anyway today was my first day on the job at the Law Firm, it went alright, nothing special, though I will mention they have a biscuit jar and a break out room with a ping pong table. Pretty awesome.

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