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Boys + Casino= FUN!

It’s really windy today, almost creepily so - I opened the front door to let the cat out and somehow it opened the door to the garage.

So yesterday was my last day of work. It’s been pointed out to me in the past that I always get really lucky with the jobs I get, having donut fridays and cakes on birthdays and that sort of thing. Well this past week I was temping at a large Australian, well they’re actually global, financial company and it seems that my luck has followed me. Granted the position is boring as shit and involves copying and pasting text from one document to another while stuck in a teeny room with no windows right beside the photocopier, but despite the monotony I quite enjoyed my time there.

Between the espresso machine in the break out room (which has kept me in lattes and cappacinos all week), the biscuit tin, chocolate biscuits on wednesdays, free fruit, and rumours of a liquor trolley on fridays (which I’m sad to say I never saw, there was some beer in the break out room fridge on friday which I thought about sneaking one back to my desk but ultimately never did, there were always too many people around) it’s been quite a nice run. Plus I’ve met some nice people who always make sure I’m aware of whatever new goodies lay waiting for me in the break room.

I’m tempted to go to HR and ask if they have any positions available because while I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in again next week and have my time to myself I’m also kind of not looking forward to it. I’ve gotten into the routine of getting up and going to work in The City and like the idea of a consistent income.

But there’s also a deli/liquor store/who know what near my house that is looking for a dry cleaning counter person so I was thinking of heading down there to apply. I don’t really know anything about dry cleaning and I don’t know what’s required to work at the counter but it’s close to home and Candice thinks it would be great if I got a discount working there. So I might go down and apply.

But now for the fun stuff yesterday after work I went out for dinner with Candice and Christine (Eden’s mom) we decided to go to the casino to eat and they were going to meet me there. So after work I caught the free tourist trolley down the street to the casino, I rocked up and went looking for this bar I’d had a drink at once before. So I was walking around looking for this bar not recognizing anything thinking ‘holy shit this is the biggest casino I’ve ever been to in my life I don’t recognize anything and I’ve been here twice.’ Eventually I found it got a pint of Carlton and sat down to wait for the girls.

I was waiting a long time, they were running kind of late, but after a while this guy sat down beside me and starts chatting me up he was pretty drunk I guess they’d gone there for a work lunch and just stayed there drinking all day. And this guy, Liam, who never really gambles said he put twenty bucks in the machine and he won like $400. Then his friend comes over and starts telling him the mayhem he left in his wake when he walked up and spun the big wheel. I guess it had been a winner so everyone with money on it won pretty big. I made a comment about him being good luck and he asked me if I had gambled yet and I said no, so he took me out to play the pokies.

We’re walking around the pokies and he’s like ok this one. He puts a couple bucks in and says if I win anything it’s yours. He shows me his strategy for playing the pokies which is pretty much just press as many buttons as you can, pretty much he’s just sliding his hands up and down the machine like he’s playing the piano - BUT almost right away it’s a winner we collect and thirty dollar coins start falling out of the machine. He picks them up and starts putting them in my bag. Then we went to another machine and won more money.

At that point Candice and Christine had arrived so we went to meet them. Then I kind of blew it, I mean I need friends and Liam seemed really cool despite being really drunk and I was thinking I should give him my number or get his but he was really drunk and I was being indecisive so I let it go and he didn’t really make any effort either. Anyway we ended up going to this Noodle Bar place for dinner and we sat down at our table and I started thinking damn should’ve got his number.

So after dinner we went back to the sports bar but I didn’t see him. Candice had to go get money out of the ATM and I would’ve gone with them except it was outside of the casino and I didn’t want to get ID’d again so I went to buy a beer. Candice said I should go look for Liam, but I’d looked for him as we’d walked past and hadn’t seen him, so I replied I think he’s gone I didn’t see him.

At that point this crowd of like ten guys who were standing right there, start going ‘he’s right here’ pointing to one of the guys who wasn’t Liam which I explained to them but they kept going and started trying to get me to kiss them on the check. Telling me how they had this bet going and stuff, I was overwhelmed by these ten guys just going on and on. Candice and Christine came back and Candice said it was like there were all these guys and a little bit of pink, they got Christine to give them a kiss on the cheek, we took some pictures and got in trouble for it. One of the guys called his mom and made me talk to her and tell her he was really good in bed.

Then I ended up talking to three of the guys for the rest of the night, they bought me beer and invited me to come visit them on the coast north of Sydney I forget what it was called. They would take me surfing and go on boat rides and go to Nimbin. It was great fun.

They tried to get us to go out with them that night but coming right from work and having all my stuff with me plus the fact that Candice and Christine were my ride home made me say no but they said they’d message me today to see about going out tonight. It ended up being a really great night, it’s funny to because at work all day I was thinking about going out for dinner and how what I really wanted to do was go out and pick up boys and I got to do it all. So I’m really happy today.

I think we might be going to the VIC Market today. But it’s already eleven so we’ll see what happens.

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