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It’s probably not a huge surprise but I went to the snow. It was great, aside from the fact that it was super expensive and really foggy both days we were up there so you’re pretty much boarding blind and hoping you don’t hit some huge drop off or end up in an out of bounds area but it was good.

The mountain was pretty big and lots of variety in runs and it would’ve been really awesome if it hadn’t been so bloody foggy b/c you couldn’t see anything, half the time you could barely find the run and you just cross your fingers and hope you’re going the right way. But overall it was good, I’m glad I got up to the snow after bringing my board with me.

When we got back to the car we had a flat battery I guess we’d left the lights on and the car is all electronic to open the doors and the boot, minus the driver door having a key and it was freezing out when we left. The people from the mountain wouldn’t do anything to help which I thought was pretty shitty considering what we paid to get up there and i mean you think they’d try and help. So we were pretty screwed If we’d had to call RCAV Or something which is like CAA to come and help it was gonna cost $600 because we were on the mountain and they weren’t members but it seemed like the option really. But Candice went out to see if there was anyone who could help us. There was another car leaving at the same time as us and Candice asked them if they had jumper cables but they didn’t. Then they got in their car to drive off and discovered they’d done the same thing as us and had a flat battery, luckily their friends dad worked on the mountain and he was able to come by and give us a boost. So we sat in the car having a beer and a wine while we waited for him but it didn’t take long at all he was there in like 5-10min whereas if we’d called out for help it would’ve been hours. So we got the car up and running and got of the mountain easily after that. But seriously we got so lucky b/c if those guys hadn’t done the same thing as us who knows how long we’d've been up there for.

And on Monday night Trish took us out to this fancy restaurant and it cost $250!!! That’s crazy and I couldn’t decide what to get so on their suggestion I ordered the Barramundi, even though it said something about being a whole fish but I asked them (Candice and Trish anyway - I should’ve asked the waitress) if it would come out with the head an everything on it and they said no they didn’t think it would. But when my food arrived there was a fish on my plate! It ended up tasting pretty good I’m just not a fan of picking my food out from the inside of a fish with a head, tail and scales.

After spending all the money snowboarding and being unemployed we got back and me and Candice went shopping at the outlet mall, I spend $105 and got new pants, a skirt, a top, and this cute short suite thing with the attached shorts and top it’s so cute. Today I’m going to meet Ang and then we are going to start making the invites for Candice’s wedding.

I had a weird dream last night and I don’t remember a lot details except that i kissed this guy who went surfing with us in Van and now I’ve just been thinking about him all day. Aside from being pretty skinny which isn’t really my thing, he was pretty awesome, we hung out most of the day in Seattle together and I had a really good time, and when we stopped at the casino/outlet mall on the way back he totally had the same idea to take a picture on free willy that I had, it turned out pretty funny but stupid Rich hasn’t put the pic up yet on facebook. Overall he just totally had a lot of qualities that I would look for in a guy and If I’d stayed in Van I would definitely had made sure I saw him again. I guess I’ll just have to go find some Aussie guy to distract me.

– And since I didn’t really post upon arrival I figured I’d write a brief catch up –

It really sucked leaving Van, first of all I got to the airport and tried to check in for my flights and it said something about being on Standby and not being able to check in to my San Fran flight and I started freaking out and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get to Oz and that something went wrong and then I was starting to worry b/c I was flying air canada again and I hadn’t registered my snowboard this time and what if they charged me, But it was all for nothing, I got to the check in guy and he’s like oh you just check in with Air NZ When you get to San fran and blah blah blah, go through to customs, then you go through all the duty free shops which I considered buy but didn’t and then it says Welcome to the US! And you’re like I’m in the US? Really? Wait in a long line for customs then I got this guy and he was older and looked kinda grumpy and I thought he was gonna be mean but he was totally cool. He was all oh you’re going to Australia for how long, what are you gonna do? Surf that’s awesome, is that a snowboard? Yeah I guess it’s winter there, have fun.

Then I went through security and had my last Tim Hortons before leaving Canada, because you know what in Australia they don’t have real coffee, you go to a coffee shop and it’s all espresso shots in different way, lattes, or a flat white which is espresso with milk, or a tall black which is an espresso shot with water, and all kinds of random combos, and any time you get coffee anywhere it’s just instant, they don’t have brewed coffee!!! Anyway then I was sitting in the airport thinking how awesome the weekend was and how great living in Van was and I did want to go to Australia it’s been my thing for a long while but at the same time I could totally just have stayed in Van too because I love my life there. Anyway then my TV didn’t work on the airplane which gave me a lot more time to think about what I was leaving behind and I almost cried.

After that I really didn’t think about it anymore as I was shuttled from one plane to the next, one airport lounge to the next, trying to find a comfortable spot to lie down on those crappy airport chairs. San Francisco sucked btw all the chairs had plastic arms, But I found a quiet corner with two across from each other that I dragged closer and then slept lying across them, until it was time to take off. Luckily on my flight to Auckland my TV was working and I was excited about watching all these movies, But I only really ended up watching two, because any other time I put a movie on I’d start snoozing then wake up and then snooze again, sleeping on airplanes sucks it’s so uncomfortable I’d have to shift all the time b/c my arm or my leg would fall asleep. Auckland airport was great b/c they had these big comfy green couches to sleep on it was great after the plane ride, but before long i had to hop another plane for a short trip across to Melbourne. Adam had told me about when he got to Australia and said it was probably the worst customs he’d had to go through so I was a little worried about it but he probably flew into the east coast somewhere where they probably get more traffic and so it’s worse b/c it was so easy I was with the customs guy for like two minutes and then i had to get my crap, and in Australia they are very worried about bringing pests and stuff in so they went through my bag a bit just to make sure there was no animal products or anything and then I got out. I guess it can get pretty bad b/c sometimes they’ll quarantine you and stick you in a room and really go through your stuff but I got off easy I think I was out of their in like 15 minutes.

My friend was waiting for me when I got out and we drove back to her place where I freshened up before we headed out into the City, They have the largest casino in the southern hemisphere here, and we walked through it then wandered the streets a bit before stopping at a pub for some lunch and a pint then headed back to Candice’s house. Eden (her fiancee)’s brother had just gotten in from Perth that day too and his other brother also stayed with us that night so it was a full house, I knocked off early though.

Things haven’t really been that exciting since I got here, we went out for dinner a lot with Eden’s family, on the first Saturday night we went out in the City, with some of Eden’s friends one of whom brought his girlfriend who started out the night seeming really nice and friendly but then later she was crying so I asked her if she was alright and she fucking snapped. She was like yeah I’m fucking awesome, bloody fantastic, he’s after you tonight as if you don’t know, stupid canadian sluts, and I was like ok I’m going over here now, I guess she thought her boyfriend was after me I don’t know but psycho so we ran away and her boyfriend went and talked to her, I guess he blew her off cuz she was sitting outside crying and talking on the phone for a long time before she finally left. I did my first ever shot of absinthe that night which cost me $12 a shot, and I got 2 one for me and one for Candice but it was alright as far as shots go.

Mostly I’ve been going into the City and wandering around or staying home watching the Olympics on TV. Last friday we went to the local pub with Eden’s boys, I played pool even though I’m really bad, and the guys coached me a bit so I got better, not good but I can usually at least hit some balls and I got some in. Then when the pub closed (at like 10:30) we stood around for like an hour before they could make up their minds as to what they want to do, Candice says they’re always like that. Finally we went back to this one guy German’s house where we smoked bongs (but they mix their weed with tobacco, I didn’t really get very high) me and Eden left pretty much straight after we got there and went home where his one brother was drinking with his friend and we played poker, which I came in second, then I went to bed and they stayed up playing until almost midnight the next day.

On Sunday I went shooting with Eden, Luke, and some of their friends, I got to shoot a 22 and a shotgun, with the shotgun I hit 2/3 clay targets and they had some pop bottles set up as targets and I got one at close range and one farther away, granted it took me like 10 shots but I still did it I was pretty happy. After we finished shooting at targets we set off on a mini hunt, but it was mid-day and there weren’t a lot of animals out, so we’re trekking around this gully with guns, and it’s muddy and we’re climbing over all these barb wire fences and just not seeing anything. We saw a couple of Roos up on a hill top, the boys were really hoping to shoot a roo, but they were too far away, We did see one close up and Eden tried to shoot it but missed, and his gun jammed up so he couldn’t shoot again, I was just happy I got to finally see a Kangaroo, and then I ripped my freakin pants climbing over some barb wire fence, and I only had 2 pairs of pants plus one pair of trakkies so that kinda sucked for me. But it was still fun going out and hunting. and shooting guns.

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Snow or no?

Finally a free moment, not that I’m constantly on the go but with no internet at home my paid for online time has mostly been going to job hunting (and uploading pictures). I have a possible two week Reception/Admin position at a structural engineering office starting on Tuesday only problem is we are making plans to go to The Snow Monday/Tuesday. So what to do?

I love Snowboarding and I brought my gear so I should go this season just because, although we may possibly be able to go in two weeks but the snow might not be as good as they’ve recently had a lot of snow up there. The Snow is also expensive and will probably set me back a good $300-400 which will pretty much cut my funds in half. And I need a job, even if it’s just for two weeks. What to do? Be Responsible or have fun and do something I love? I’m sure there’s more opportunity to get a job and to snowboard, maybe we could just do a day trip Monday.

Snowboarding Dilemma aside, Melbourne’s been pretty awesome. It’s such an eclectic city, lots of old buildings mixed in with the new, looking like they could be straight out of mideivel France or somewhere in the middle east. Although I’m living out in the Boonies with Candice and Eden but I can’t complain. It’s great coming in to The City though, kind of a long expensive ride but it’s so vibrant and alive here it beats city at home in front of the teley which is pretty much what I do when I don’t come in to The City. So the $10.10 I pay for the day is worth it plus it beats what I’d pay at a hostel here.

What really gets me is how expensive everything is. So expensive. Although once I start making Aussie Money it’ll be fine because you get paid a lot more (my temping job for instance would pay $19/hr) but yeah it kinda sucks right now when coffee costs almost $4.00 a pop. Plus you can’t get real coffee, it’s all lattes or flat whites, tall black, and all kinds of options that make me long for my double double days.

We had one big night out in The City last Saturday and been going out to dinner and meeting all of Eden’s family and tonight is friday night! And we’re going to the Pub!!

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