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guess who's coming to dinner

Glen is/was in town for a couple days after working up in Shepparton and yesterday we met up with him for dinner and drinks! It was great seeing him again, he's a real good guy and lots of fun - we went swimming in the fountain at the Leg on Canada Day, I'll never forget that - and because of it he's defenitely in my good books. We met up at this backpacker bar that I'd been to once before. We were supposed to meet at 5:30 and as I work in the City I was the first one there, I knew Candice and Eden would be late having to drive in but I thought Glen would be there at least. After about 15 minutes sitting in a mostly empty bar I gave him a call and it turns out he'd gone the wrong way down Flinders Street and was down past the MCG! Anyway I sorted him out and played some Pacman, and it was about this point when the other two people in the bar left and it was me and the bartender.

She told me it's usually busier and there's this group of guys from the hostel who are usually drinking there but TODAY there was supposed to be a big group of about 150 girls checking in to the hostel so the guys were sitting around in the hostel waiting - and I was the sole patron of the bar. Then the bartender left to use the toilet and I was the only person in the bar. At least I had my $4 pint of beer - which tasted pretty terrible. Finally at about 6 they all rocked up and we had a drink before heading over to the Cas to look for somewhere to eat.

There's just something about the Cas I don't know exactly what it is - maybe because it's always open and no matter what happens you know you can go there any time of day to eat, drink, shop even, or just go bowling at the Electric .. Circus (I want to say but I don't think that's what it's actually called). The Cas has got it all, it's a great place to start or end your night or just waste some time. Anyway we went there and didn't gamble and didn't meet any boys but the Pub we were at had a breathalyzer test in the toilets and I thought that was pretty damn cool. But you had to pay for it, not so cool.

It started to get kind of late and Eden wanted to go home to bed as he had to work early and so we parted ways. I told Glen I'd defenitely get up to Brissie before the wedding and I'll go for a ride on his cousins Catamaran and he told me he'd go surfing with me. So I can't wait!! Also he was stunned that I hadn't gone out and gone for a surf yet and I know - me too. So I've been thinking today and my original plan was to head up to Sydney after this job is over (which is either today or sometime next week - I don't know yet) BUT I think I'm gonna try and head down to Torquay again, see if I can't get a job there and maybe stay there until Melb Cup after which I'll head up to Sydney to visit Belinda and then over to Brissie.

All in all a good night. Then I had to work today, that's kind of painful, it's not that they don't have things for me to do it's that they are too busy to show me how to do them so I end up with these mindless easy tasks that in reality would take me half an hour to an hour sometimes but which I drag out for as long as I possibly can because when I finish and need something new to do - it's always 'oh - face scrunch - can you give me five minutes and I twiddle my thumbs until they figure out what to do with me next. Like right now, I'm completely done but my supervisor not here and so I sit here messing around and then retyping the same figures when someone walks past. Fun. But I'm still getting paid for it so can't complain.

This morning someone had made plunger coffee and I've been eager to try it as I don't really know how to make it this was the perfect opportunity but I have to say it didn't really do it for me. I haven't had a good cup of coffee since I got here, sure I've done the Flat White, Short Black, Espresso, Plunger Coffee everything and it just doesn't beat my good old double double. The one time I found an actual cup of joe it was from Starbucks where the coffee is always way too strong anyway and this one tasted like it had been sitting there since they opened in the morning (it was about 1 in the afternoon at this point) - so yum.

The current office craze is the Bubble Shooter Game all lunch hour everyone sits around and plays this game. My first day I thought what a bunch of lamos sitting around playing games when they could be going outside and doing something. Then they introduced me to the game and I too spend a large chunk of my lunch hour sitting around shooting bubbles. One day I played straight through lunch and when I'm trying to waste time I stealthily play between periods of traffic past my desk. Yes it's lame but it's so addicting.

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