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Emirates Stakes Day

Saturday was Emirates Stakes Day at Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival and thanks to Trish & Brian I got a heavily subsidized ticket to the Members Only Panorama Flat I think it was. Basically we were in the most expensive section that was the highest up with the best views of everything except maybe the horses.. but only because they were so small from where we were sitting.

It was a great day - Candice Eden and I were all up early to get ready and be at his dad’s house by 11 for a few drinks before catching a Limo to Flemington Race Course. That’s right a Limo. I was stoked. First time in a limo - and I got to drink classy champagne to boot, because Brian only drinks the best. The limo even had a mirror on the ceiling, I was really impressed.

We pulled up to Flemington and went through the gates, and went up and up and up until we couldn’t go any further. No crowds, no expensive hot dogs and drinks for me, I love members only. It was beautiful. We had a great three course lunch (although desert left something to be desired) and afternoon tea and complimentary wine and beer.

We bet on some horses, I didn’t really win anything, but it was fun anyway, then went down to the lower areas to check out where the action happens. We stopped at the Champagne Bar and then went out to see the horses up close for the next race. We didn’t get that close but it was still kind of fun to be out in the crowds on the ground, but I was glad to go back up to our area at the end of it.

After getting back to Brians house and eating I was feeling pretty out of it so I just crashed on the couch and watched Sex and the City until well after everyone went to bed. Then was up again at six in the morning - I was not impressed. But Trish had arranged a big brekkie so I got to munch down on eggs and toast and bacon and a cappuccino from their cool cappucino machine that Trish showed me how to use but when it came to making my second one I couldn’t really remember and pretty much overflowed my coffee. Oops.

After brekkie we went home, I packed as I was flying to Gold Coast at 6pm, which I was excited for but at the same time kinda just wanted to sleep in my own bed that night. Candice was saying earlier something about Jetstar being shitty and that she wouldn’t fly overseas with them because they always delay everything and me and Eden said we wouldn’t care as long as it was cheap. BUT then when I went to drop off my bags at the Jetstar counter for my flight I realized it is terrible, you check in then stand in the line and it doesn’t even matter, because they didn’t go through the line. They just called all passengers for this flight come drop off your bags, and you’re just standing in line for nothing. It’s bullshit. At least now I know for next time - don’t bother showing up early.

The flight was fine and I got into the Gold Coast at 7pm except it was dark when I got here - disappointing. I wasn’t sure about my plan to walk to the hostel after all, but in the end decided to go for it and despite the fact that I didn’t really follow the directions I’d printed up, I found the hostel quite easily in no time at all, it was literally a ten minute walk from the airport. I was happy. Except you can hear the planes all night long. Super.

Which wasn’t as bad as the fact that our room is beside the pool and people were loudly playing music and talking and splashing in the pool all night long. I was tired and wanted to sleep.

I went for a walk around last night down to the beach which you couldn’t really see, and trying to find somewhere to get some food but the hostel is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and the most happening place is the airport. So after walking around trying to find some vestage of life I decided to hit up the airport because I’d seen some cafes and stuff there - except by the time I got there everything was closed. So I had to settle with a meat pie from a petrol station. Yum.

Not the greatest weather today, my original plan was to go out surfing but considering the fact that I need groceries I’ve booked myself onto the free shuttle into Cooly to pick up some essentials and check out the city and the beaches see what I can see. Hopefully tomorrow will be good for surfing. I just can’t wait until I have a car and can do stuff on my own terms.

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